the crazy cat lady life: about leahHey, there!

My name’s Leah and I am the writer here at The Crazy Cat Lady Life.

I started this blog to show everybody that there is more to this “crazy cat lady” life. So what is a crazy cat lady? Basically if you’re a single woman who has more than one cat, in a nutshell.

I have grown up with cats since I was eight years old. So, you can say that I am a big lover of cats!

Over the years I have been giving advice to all my friends and coworkers about cats, so I decided I wanted to create a site where anyone can view my ideas, opinions, and advice about living with cats.


A little about me..

I describe myself as an independent, single woman. My alter ego is “The crazy cat lady” to my friends and coworkers.

I have a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. With my degree, I have been able to acquire a job with an ink manufacturing company in the quality control department. I have been working there since April of 2015.

I bought my first house in April of 2016 and have seven cats living with me.

Growing Up

When I was a child, my parents didn’t get a cat until I was eight years old. Her name was Trixie. After that, my dad found a cat outside while working and everything went downhill from that very moment. We named him Smokey. He was positive for FIV or feline AIDS.

Smokey and Trixie were not fixed so they eventually mated. Trixie’s first litter had five kittens but only one survived the birth. We called him Lucky.

Trixie and Smokey mated had more litters throughout the years. Out of the litters we did end up keeping a couple more. The other kittens from the litters were re-homed with other families.

College Years

When I started college, we had a total of seven cats living in our house, plus one dog! We thought eight was a lot, boy were we wrong!

In September of 2014, I was heading to school and heard the small cries of a kitten. I stopped immediately to hear where the cries were coming from. Low and behold there was a baby kitten outside in my neighbor’s yard. He was no more than 4-5 weeks old.¬†We named him Joey!

the crazy cat lady life: about leah

Joey was my first kitten that I have ever rescued outside. It was an exciting time.

After that, we began noticing a sudden rise in the stray cat population. Over the next year, we began taking in a few cats due to the winter weather in Michigan.

My First House

Once I bought my first house, I had already lined up to take two cats from my parents’ house. The two cats we took in from family members that could no longer take care of them. Piggy and Marbles were both the type of cats that did not like any other cat or dog around them. Naturally, they settled on in my new house quite quickly.

It wasn’t long until I found out that the neighborhood I moved into had a high stray cat population. There was at least 4 litters that were rescued throughout the summer of 2016. The total number of cats that I rescued that summer was seventeen cats! Read my post here on How to Rescue Multiple Cats in One Summer.

Even after that summer, I continue to find random stray cats in my neighborhood. Collectively, I have trapped and released two feral cats so far.

I know there will be more cats that will need to be rescued. Since I have seven cats living with me already, my ultimate goal in life is to build a cat sanctuary for strays and abandoned cats.